Public Projects

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Name Description
pycket a simple packet parsing library in Python
smartbytes makes Python 3's bytes library less painful
ticketcasting comprehensive event management software
teendevops a platform for teenagers interested in information technology to communicate
onionr a decentralized, peer-to-peer data storage network, designed to be anonymous and resistant to (meta)data analysis and spam.
pyscrape a modular toolkit for automatic scraping.
MassGeocoder a collection of tools made for manipulating geolocations.
discord3301 a Discord bot that enables users to perform cryptographic operations in-chat.
Email Tracker a tool to check if emails have been read (and to get the reader's IP and UA).
ROTCracker decodes a ROT encoded string by displaying all 26 possible combinations.
Moome an entertaining 8-bit retro-style platformer game.
ScratchAPI a simple Java interface to the Scratch 2.0 website.
Forux an in-development, simple, lightweight 2D game library in Java.
spoofcommit spoofs git commits authors
InternetometerBot an advanced bot written in Java built for
Game a roleplay game in a single class file