My Interests

Software Development

Check out my GitHub or GitLab if you'd like to see some of my projects.

Capture The Flag

My favorite category is pwn, but I have the most experience with web. I play CTF with two main teams:


I like to mess around on HackerOne. My username is arinerron2.

I've done some research on a lot of open and closed source projects. Gonna keep track of CVE IDs for vulnerabilities I've found here:


Here's my stack:

Amateur Radio

I have a general-class ham radio license.


Here are some of my favorite books:


I am not releasing any mixes right now, but I've published some old chiptunes on my YouTube channel.

Here's the hardware I have:

Photography & Videography

I will be posting more on my YouTube channel in the future!

Here's the hardware I have: